A Gorgeous 21st Party

The turning point in my life.

Hi there, I'm Julina! Heading into 21st,
I anticipated the start of adulthood -
to DIY a unique stylised party, where family and friends gather and celebrate this milestone with me.

However, I gradually realised it was a tedious process to start from ground zero. Yet, I found immense joy in styling. It was all worthwhile witnessing my first dessert table built from scratch.

From there, it inspired me to assist others in providing styling guidance. 

The Magical Journey

Placing foot into the rental community was an ever-changing start. The first backdrop rental listing on Carousell marked the humble beginning of Style It Simply (SIS).

Gradually, it evolved into more services. Besides props rental, I ventured into designing, sourcing, crafting and creating beautiful set-ups. I’ve found immense joy in the process of transforming ideas and inspirations into reality; creating unique memories for my clients.

It has truly been a magical journey growing the brand and the team.

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Growing a Styling Community

Due to the recent pandemic, it's a dismay that events are put to a halt. Our team took the time to revisit our priorities creating this platform to grow the styling community.  

Moving forward, we will streamline our props rental service for all aspiring stylist. Our bespoke styling service will continue to serve those who prefer to be hands-off the styling process. 

Anticipating your next big event when the skies are clear? Start styling with our ever-growing collection of props, or share your big ideas with us. It's never too early to plan! 


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Style it yourself

Experience the fun of styling your own event! With a wide range of props available, you get to choose what’s suitable for your occasion. You are bound to transform into a style master!

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Styled for you

Here’s some specially curated sets for you. Simply pick what you fancy, and have them replicated at your event. Now you don’t have to fret over what to get, just which style to select?

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Bespoke Styling 

Unsure of where to start? We understand it’s tough when your thoughts and inspirations are scattered. Share your big ideas with us and we’ll guide you through. Let’s turn your dreams into reality!